FilmEU Talks

The next FilmEU Talks - Experts On Air will be hosted by Lusófona University (Portugal) in partnership with Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (Brasil).

When? 25th of May at 16h (Portugal time)

Where? At Cinema Fernando Lopes and via Zoom

The members of the Apotheke Painting Studio Group will present their main project and side projects such as International Cooperation currently held at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. As the theoretical-methodological principle of Apotheke Studio is Art as Experience, individual and collective artistic projects of the group members will also be discussed. In addition, the panorama to be discussed demonstrates the importance of the union between teaching, research and university extension, roles of the Public University in Brazil, with specificity in the South Region.

Film, just like many other art forms, is often a triumph of hope over reality, where defeat can easily be snatched from the jaws of victory. Film is a creative process that calls for endurance, curiosity and a lot of work! For all of us, the creative process has magical, even mystical elements we cannot often understand or explain. But notwithstanding, Film is also a business, affected like any other by basic economic principles and numerous contextual and market factors. And Film is also a technology, an element of innovation and transformation in the way we tell stories and use sound and images to transform our societies. Film and all media Art forms require specific knowledge, competences and experience. With FilmEU Lessons_Experts on Air we want to create a proper environment for knowledge and experience sharing between the academic community and experts in different domains. No topic is too big, no expert is too big!

We give the floor to the experts! In a rotating format between all FilmEU schools, a short intensive talk streamed to the world. A moment to talk with experts in our field, discuss current issues that concern you and many others.

FilmEU espouses a world view that is progressive and inclusive. Society is informed and shaped by the stories we tell and how we tell them. All the partners in FilmEU come from diverse cultural backgrounds and yet we share the language of film and storytelling and radical creativity, a term we use when referring to creativity’s ability to impact different sectors across societies and craft profound needed transformations. Though we are grounded in the visual arts, our different approaches and cultures are our strength.  It encourages us to ensure, through the arts and media, that all voices are treasured and heard. Indeed, this is something that is vital where new technologies are being developed. We need to ensure that new forms of storytelling are not the preserve of any one cultural block. This is not to say that we have a narrow world view – quite the opposite – FilmEU celebrates diversity and openness.

FilmEU Lessons – Experts on Air is a new initiative aiming at reinforcing this diversity and openness by inviting experts in different domains of film and the media arts to present and discuss with us their achievements and experiences and the lessons they entail. FilmEU Lessons_Experts on Air will reinforce our ability to connect to society and others, nor more importantly it will foster the ideals of collaboration and mutual reinforcement that shape FilmEU. Let the talks begin!

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