LUNA is a virtual media house for students of Tallinn University, where news, opinions, stories, galleries, videos, etc. are gathered.

LUNA publishes nice creative works so that students can show them to the public and other students and interested parties can also take part in the exciting content.

In addition, the platform operates Luna TV, which is a TV channel for student programs, starting with news and ending with a quiz show. 




Send your creation to You can also add a picture of yourself (if you want). 

  • Video files: YouTube link, MP4 or wav format. You can also send a Drive or Wetransfer link. Resolution 1080pHD.
  • Image files: jpg (or png). Add a title or a 2-3 sentence description.
  • Text files: as word. Paintings, visuals photographed or scanned.
  • Audio files (Podcasts): upload to the platform and add a short description.
  • TikTok: Drive or Wetransfer link. No more than 3 minutes.

The media platform LUNA ( is the output of Tallinn University students and does not necessarily reflect the official views of Tallinn University. All copyrights to video, audio content, articles, texts, images, photos, designs and other works published on the media platform belong to the author of the work.

When quoting and referencing works published on the media platform, the author(s) of the work, the title of the work and the source of publication of the work must be cited. Quoting and referencing must take place in a motivated manner and must not distort the meaning of the work. Correct referencing is also necessary for deep linking of images, video and audio content (e.g. video-linking). If quotations or references are published on the Internet, in addition to the above, a link to the full text with the note "Full text published on Tallinn University's media platform" must be provided before the referenced text. All property rights belong to Tallinn University. Use of the Media Platform or any part of its Services, except as permitted by these Terms, is strictly prohibited and violates the intellectual property rights of others. Infringement may result in both civil and criminal liability for the infringer, including possible liability for copyright infringement. In case of possible problems, please contact