If you want to complete an internship as part of your studies, the necessary documents are available on the BFM website:



Open Trainee position at Nordic Investment Bank

The Nordic Investment Bank is the international financial institution of the Nordic and Baltic countries with the headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.

Job ad full details are here: https://www.nib.int/who-we-are/our-people/jobs?rmpage=job&rmjob=p198

Miltton New Nordics invites you into their internship programme!

Miltton is a leading strategic advisor in Estonia in the fields of communications, government relations, change management, responsible business and digital marketing. We work as a team, develop with our clients, work with partners in neighbouring countries and are committed to contributing to changing our society for the better. We want your internship to give you the opportunity to experience consultancy in all its diversity.   

We offer eager students four months full of experience, skills, knowledge and connections with an amazing group of people. With this, you will take flight! The programme takes off in May and your 6-week intensive apprenticeship period could be between May and September.  

Ready to take off?   

We welcome applications from BA and MA students. Students of communication, journalism, sociology, economics, marketing, cross-media, public policy, public administration, international relations, environmental management, management, anthropology and psychology, will certainly fit in with us. We are also open to surprises or a combination of any of the above. It doesn't matter what your first language is – we welcome young people who speak Estonian or English. What matters most is who you are as a person.   

What does Lendstart offer you?   


  • 4 MONTHS + 6 WEEKS    

Our 4-month traineeship works on a group basis – you'll work as a team with your fellow apprentices. 6 weeks of this are an intensive paid work placement period. All trainees start and finish together and are constantly in touch with each other during the 4 months through joint trainings, events and assignments. For the duration of the traineeship, you will be assigned a personal mentor from the Milton team who will support you throughout the traineeship.   

At Miltton, you will have the opportunity to design your own dream internship and get involved in projects that speak to you. Come and see what kind of spirit and networking Miltton offers and be part of Lendstart 2024.    

Applications are open from 19.02 (9 am) to 10.03 at https://form.typeform.com/to/DkjFQ4le  

More information:    

Lendstart coordinators Silvia Säinast (silvia.sainast@miltton.com) and Anni Vahtras (anni.vahtras@miltton.com


Looking for a Youtube video editor

Looking for a Youtube video editor (fitness). Clips are 10-20 minutes mainly. A-roll is talking head, B-roll self recorded, voice by Rode - this comes from me through Dropbox. Editing, adding stock footage + some graphics, names, signs on screen come from you. In case we match, opportunity to continue long term. Please see Jeff Nippard or Jeremy Ethier on Youtube for style/type of videos I have in mind.

Happy to discuss details. Add FB Egert Anslan, call 56500053 or write egertanslan@hotmail.com