Documentary 2016


Documentary – I Let Her Out

ILet Her Out is a documentary film centered around the drag performer Joosep Jürgenson and his stage persona Ursula. It explores the relationship of these two characters who share the same body but live quite different lives. Who is Ursula? Is she an extravagant character, a fruit of someone’s vivid and scandalous imagination or is she an integral part of Joosep that allows him to speak his nonconformist mind. Is she a fiction that was created together with several collaborators or has she always been there, dormant, waiting to be unleashed? By seeing the intimate process of creating Ursula the viewer also gets to meet Joosep. A young performer who has chosen a form of expression that is considered unconventional in this part of the world. Who is Joosep? An artist with a vision and a message or just a clown?


Director: Rūta Ronja Pakalne is a Latvian freelance dance and film artist, based in Tallinn, Estonia.  Her curious mind of developing further and deeper moves through exploration in-within art, teaching, moving, capturing and exploring every day as a moment of now. Since 2015 Rūta has been teaching and giving workshops and since 2019 she has been a guest lecturer at BFM Tallinn University (dance film / dance technique studies).