Documentary 2020


Documentary – Coq Au Vin

A young farmer couple living in the middle of nowhere in Finnish Lapland is heading towards a midlife crisis – they need to answer the question of when it’s too late to start chasing your dreams and whether one even has ones. The film reflects the relations between the two main characters, Aino and Mikko, their animals, a couple of neighbours and the dreamlike landscape they all live in. The partly abandoned, partly abused, partly just beautiful landscape portrays the state of mind of the characters trying to reach the next chapter in their lives.


Director: Ville Seppänen is a Finnish film director, dramaturg and scenographer. He holds a Bachelor of theatre arts degree from the University of the Arts Helsinki, as well as a Master of film arts degree from Baltic Film and Media school. Before graduating as a film director in 2022, he has done a remarkable career as a scenographer, a dramaturg, a lighting and a video designer for theatre, contemporary dance and opera. He has been awarded several times for his work in Finland and around Europe.