Dance composition: "In the element"

A dance composition was completed as a result of the cooperation of the 3rd course of the bachelor's course in choreography and the 1st year of the master's course in modern media and television.

In the dance composition, different parts of the body come into focus, each character is in its own "element". In this way, space is discovered through light, where everything wants to gather, and points of contact between new worlds, i.e. other elements, are found. The closer you are to each other, the more you influence each other.

Choreographer: Eliis Nigola

Dancers: Piia Marie Leesme, Monika Annijärv, Eliis Nigola

Director: Mark Överus

Operators: Evelina Nõmme, Jürgen Seermaa, Sten Väin, Johannes-Markus Krull, Maria Tyutina, Indrek Jõesaar

Instructor: Marek Miil

The work has been completed within the subject course "Sound, light and other technologies in dance composition".

Supervisors: Külli Roosna and Kenneth Flak.