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Tööpakkumine kommunikatsioonivaldkonna tudengitele!

Strateegilise kommunikatsiooni büroo PR Partner ootab oma meeskonda kolleegi, kes usub, et kommunikatsioon on võimalus muuta maailma.

Sa leiad lahendused olulise tähtsusega küsimustes. Sa tead, et lahendusel on nii sotsiaalne, majanduslik kui ka juriidiline külg. Sinu arvates ei ole kommunikatsioon pelgalt abivahend, millega korrigeerida jama, vaid võimalus saavutada edu ja probleeme ennetada. Tegelikult Sa tead, mida teha siis, kui on jama – ja  PR Partneri kolleegidel on jagada Sulle kõige ägedamaid kriisikommunikatsiooni alaseid teadmisi ja kogemusi.

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Video Producer WANTED!

Are you a highly creative person that loves producing original video content? Do you have an interest in online gambling? Then this role might just be for you! We’re on the hunt for a talented and hungry Video Producer that can create content for our website and social channels! 

This is an extremely exciting role for an ambitious and talented Video Producer who is ready to learn, grow and develop their skills to the max! You will get to produce and edit original videos for our website and social media channels for our international audience.

Mostly we are looking for someone to come and start creating us these type of brand review videos, then the role will evolve as we evolve:

More info HERE!

Several Content Creation Jobs! (English-speaking)

For our Cybersecurity Awareness as a Service provider Cyttraction and our upcoming Tallinn CyberLab & Studio, we are searching for Content Creators (f/ m/ d), who:
are already familiar with the platforms Linkedin, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and would like to constantly improve knowledge
have a passion for creative and visually demanding graphic or video productions
enjoy creating content for children and youth as well as demanding enterprise clients
looking for either a project collaboration or a long-term employment
The basis of our work are transparency, fairness and team play. There are no fix working hours or attendance obligations. We communicate our work schedule and capacities in the beginning of each week. But we are searching for a person who is 100% passionate about this job. No sub-contracting, no recruiters.

We celebrate creativity and allow the design and implementation of own format ideas - as long as they can be combined with our core business.

Please read the job description carefully. If you would like to apply, please update your Linkedin profile or website/ portfolio and send an e-mail with the link to jobs@cdt-digital.com. Thank you!

ERR uudistetoimetus ootab suvel praktikale

Praktikat on võimalik sooritada nii uudistetoimetuses (teleuudised, raadiouudised, uudisteportaal) kui sporditoimetuses (eelkõige sport.err.ee portaalis).

Praktika pikkus on minimaalselt kolm nädalat ja see on tasustatud. Praktikantidelt ootame tõsist huvi

ajakirjanduse vastu ja kohusetundlikku suhtumist töösse. Läbitud peaks olema vähemalt uudiste aluste baaskursus.


Praktika avaldusi ootame kuni 30.04.2021 aadressil cv@err.ee

Palume märkida praktika sooritamise eelistatud ajavahemik ning valdkonna eelistus.

SuperAble is looking for a Social Media Manager!

SuperAble is a platform for people with special needs. Our platform maintains people with disabilities to develop their skills (professional and personal) and learn new ones. Besides we help them to find internship and job opportunities as well. 

Currently, we are looking for a Social media manager (SMM) in our team, who can create and promote our SM strategy across SM platforms ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), be responsible for SM posts, keep the pages active with posts ad videos, as well as answer messages there. That person will be 'Voice of SuperAble" and deliver our messages and news to people through Social Media pages. 

Send your resume HERE!